About Us



Our team consists of professional consultants from multicultural backgrounds who have studied at local universities and worked with multiple organisations in Australia. With over 45 years of collective experience in the work force, we know what employers are looking for and what international students lack when they are applying for their first job.

We are passionate about helping students and young people to get a head start in their career and give them guidance on entering the workforce for the first time, which is daunting, especially in a foreign country.  Everyone in our team has been through the struggles, overcome the challenges and emerged celebrating our successes, so we know exactly how you feel. We want to now share with you our knowledge and experience and help you to succeed Down Under as well.


  • Our team: is multicultural, with individuals who have both English and Chinese language skills; is made up of people who have studied, worked and built a successful career in Australia; understands exactly what international students struggle with and where they need help the most.
  • Our training: is focused on soft skills and practical training instead of another exam crunching course to get one more certificate on the wall.
  • Our method: we deliver our training through the “reinforcement style learning” where trainings are run in English, but recapped and summarised in Chinese.
  • Our community: we chose a membership format instead of a one-off program because we want to build a long term relationship with every student; members are supported by our office and consultants; we encourage members to attend our free social events to grow and learn together.